Activated Carbon Treatment

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  • UV Technologies for Chlorine Removal from Water

    Chlorine is widely used in water treatment as a disinfection and oxidizing agent. However, the reaction of free chlorine in water leads to the generation of undesirable by-products and have harmful effects on industrial processes.In high purity water systems, the presence of free chlorine in water may result in the deterioration of treatment units such as ion exchange beds and RO membranes.Tradit

  • Considering Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Cost

    In terms of determining waste tire pyrolysis plant cost, there are plenty of variables to take into account. The shape, efficiency and automation levels of different tire recycling machines use a big ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Activated Carbon Manhole Odor Filter Insert

    Activated Carbon Manhole Odor Filter Insert

    Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) based sewer odors emanating from wastewater sewer line manhole covers are an extreme nuisance for residential homeowners or users of near-by public facilities or property. The negative publicity and hassle caused by persistent nuisance sewer odor complaints originating from manhole covers are costly in both time and money for cities or industries that own the odor-producing ...