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The most widely used software tool for Fugitive Emissions LDAR data collection is part of the LeakDAS family. More than ever before, it allows technicians and auditors in the field to perform the very same functions that previously had to be done back in the office on a computer keyboard. Because this software is truly an un-tethered extension of the LeakDAS WorkstationPC application, we call it LeakDAS Mobile Edition.

  • Runs on off-the-shelf Windows Mobile PDAstyle data loggers, including intrinsically safe
  • Fully integrated with your ORR LeakDAS v3 database
  • Upload/Download problems solved by Synchronization
  • Wireless Sync with your database anytime with Wi-Fi enabled Windows Mobile devices
  • No lost data with the help of real-time backup capabilities
  • Compliance driven functionality previously unavailable in the field
  • Designed for monitoring, tagging and tag maintenance
  • Designed for flexible work flow
  • Direct-read from TVA analyzers using 3rd party wireless devices
  • Simplified pricing and hassle-free licensing for however many data loggers you need to do your job

Tagging, Tag Maintenance, Auditing

  • When designing LeakDAS Mobile Edition, InspectionLogic kept its familiar tagging functionality for hand-held devices, and then added features that make LDAR data collection faster and more accurate than it has ever been.
  • All component data fields and pick lists in your ORR LeakDAS v3 database are available to you in your data logger. Adding new components is easy, fast and accurate.
  • LeakDAS Mobile Edition introduces a capability that did not previously exist while working in the field. Now you can add or change regulations that are assigned to components.
    • Being able to add or edit regulation assignments while physically at the component in the field offers the opportunity to validate that the correct regulatory requirements are being met.
    • Giving authorized users the ability to assign or change certain fields allows software logic in ORR LeakDAS v3 to process data in accordance with LDAR compliance requirements, permit requirements, Consent Decrees, or company policies.

Handheld computers and software for field monitoring, editing and repair of components in LDAR programs.

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