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  • How Low-Temperature Evaporation Treats FGD Wastewater

    Veolia Water Technologies’ low-temperature CoLD crystallizer technology can help coal power plants clean and recover water for reuse from the wastewater produced in wet scrubber systems. The innovative solution provides effective wastewater treatment at lower capita

  • Refinery Case Study

    Tangential Refinery Gas Fired Boiler NOx Controls Used: IFGRThis refinery client had to reduce their NOx emissions below 0.1 lb/mmbtu. The refinery installed a Patented ETEC IFGR NOx Control system, ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds Online Analyzer

    VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds Online Analyzer

    GCOM-3000-VOCs is a VOCs monitoring product which use international mainstream chromatographic methods. It can monitor organic pollutant gases such as methane, the total hydrocarbon, non methane total hydrocarbon, low-carbon aldehyde ketone, benzene series( benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl benzene, isopropyl benzene) and part of halogenated hydrocarbons by using FID detector and high performance ...