HSM GmbH + Co. KG

HSM GmbH + Co. KG

HSM – Cutting. Shredding. Compressing. Since 1971, HSM has been pursuing a clear strategy – a consistent commitment to quality “Made in Germany”. This product and service quality is the key to success in both the office technology and environmental technology business sectors. As a specialist for products and services for data protection as well as technologies for optimising logistics and recycling processes, HSM is one of the world’s leading providers of shredders and balers.

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Austraße 1 - 9 , Frickingen , 88699 Germany
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Industry Type:
Recycling Systems
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:

HSM develops, produces and sells products and systems for compressing materials and shredding paper and electronic data media.

Thanks to the true dedication of the firm’s staff, HSM has been a market-leader in products and services for environmental technology and office equipment. A workforce of almost 800 employees and more than 100 service and sales support points around the entire world are integrated in the HSM network, which serves thousands of customers across the globe.

The philosophy of “Great Products, Great People” links together HSM with business partners around the world.

Hermann Schwelling shapes a company

A pioneering spirit means having ideas, making decisions with conviction and being willing to take risks. If a company has been a successful market player for decades, is established around the world and continually grows, one could say the quest to be a pioneer has been fulfilled. Hermann Schwelling is a pioneer.

He founded the company Hermann Schwelling Maschinenbau, or HSM, more than 45 years ago. The founder started his company with the idea of reducing the volume of materials required. This is why he developed baler presses to return paper, cardboard, film, PET and many others into the recycling system in the form of bales of material. These bales can reduce material quantities by up to 95%. The first baler press created in 1972 with a 6-tonne pressing force developed into a comprehensive range of balers with up to 150 tonnes in pressing force and state-of-the art technology. At the same time, HSM was also developing shredders for use on paper and data storage media, such as CDs, credit cards and hard drives thereby covering the entire spectrum of shredders and presses.

Thanks to the true dedication of the firm’s staff, HSM has been a market-leader in products and services for environmental technology and office equipment. A workforce of almost 800 employees and more than 100 service and sales support points around the entire world are integrated in the HSM network, which serves thousands of customers across the globe.

HSM is an independent, family-run company with its founder, Hermann Schwelling as main shareholder. All company shares are kept within the founding family, which enables the company to quickly make decisions and pursue its long-term goals.

The shareholders are: Hermann Schwelling, Christina Schwelling, Harald Schwelling and Sylvia Rimmele.

We want to make a positive contribution to the future by supporting social and environmental projects. HSM therefore supports many local, regional and global projects, clubs and charities such as Doctors without Borders, Caritas (children's foundation in Friedrichshafen), OroVerde (foundation for the tropical forests in Guatemala) and SOS Children's Villages International.

Managing director: Hermann Schwelling

Approx. 800 employees
Approx. 12 % trainees

3 production sites in Germany
5 subsidiaries worldwide

More than 70 HSM service technicians around the world performing on-site duties and approx. 30 office-based service technicians

Co-operation and contractual partners in over 100 countries

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management)/AEO

Processing of raw materials:
approx. 9,000 tonnes of steel
approx. 500 tonnes of plastic granules

Associations and memberships: BVSE / VBS / VSMR / BSB / PBS-Markenindustrie.

Production sites

HSM stands true to its “Made in Germany” claim at its German production site and aims to combine precision, durability and a good price-performance ratio for the benefit of users. HSM produces office and environmental technology at three sites in Germany.



There is around 50,000 m² of space available in Salem, of which approximately 20,000 m² is covered. This plant features a range of departments: Development of balers, project planning, electrical environmental technology, logistics, material planning, work preparation, crusher production, installation of large presses and three-phase current paper shredders, as well as production of plastics. The Salem plant is equipped with modern machinery comprising CNC laser-cutting equipment, CNC rotary and milling machines, CNC hardening plants, CNC welding robots, injection moulding machines, and surface-coating machinery. Using its photovoltaic plants, HSM generates their own CO2-neutral power to help protect the environment.



The Frickingen plant – only 10 km away from Salem – features space of approx. 25,000 m², including around 12,500 m² of factory and office buildings. This is where the final assembly of the “Made in Germany” document shredders is performed. This results in short distances for the delivery of components from the Salem plant and thus contributes to HSM’s ecological commitments. It is also home to the development of office technology, electrical office technology, central management, procurement, sales, marketing, HSM Academy and customer service.



Reichenbach is located close to Dresden and is the centre of expertise for the production of vertical baling presses. Our floorspace of approx. 50,000 m² – including 10,000 m² of factory and office space – is used to produce small horizontal baler presses and vertical baler presses for customers around the world using CNC welding robots and CNC laser-cutting equipment.

The philosophy of“Great Products, Great People”links together HSM with business partners around the world. The factors behind HSM’s success includes a philosophy which is consistently followed by the family behind the company and management. It encompasses the values of flexibility, quality, self-awareness and corporate social responsibility. Together, these values have developed into a shared understanding of how HSM wishes to conduct itself both internally and in terms of its business partners:“Great Products, Great People”.



This family company stands for making quick decisions, reacting flexibly to the market, agile business processes and ensuring healthy growth.



HSM concentrates on their core areas of shredders and presses upon which their quality concept is built. “Made in Germany” still enjoys an outstanding reputation even in these times of globalisation. Our employees’ expertise guarantees HSM’s understanding for quality and is reflected in the products, customer advice and unique services.



We can focus more clearly if everyone in the team holds to joint guidelines. Living out the values to which we hold ensures a level of self-awareness. We know what our strengths are and can recognise potential.


Corporate social responsibility

HSM is committed to supporting people and conserving the environment. This is why HSM not only focusses on environmentally-friendly production (and associated economic advantages passed onto customers), but also supports social and ecological projects.

Acting sustainably has been part of who we are for decades and is ensured by our energy-efficient production equipment and methods, the manufacture of long-lasting products, emphasis on very favourable working conditions, as well as education and training of staff, which all culminates in a great deal of support for social and ecological projects.


Our production methods are based on renewable energy in the form of geothermal heat, as well as heat recovery from production plants and photovoltaic plants. Reusable materials are reintroduced into the production process without any loss in quality. We use environmentally-friendly and reusable materials in our processing methods. Modern production equipment, continual optimisation of product flow, and short transport routes help us attain our goal of sustainable production.


It is the staff who make a company what it is. HSM emphasises process-orientated organisation with flat hierarchies and opportunities for personal development. A range of education and training options means HSM continually invests in the future of the company and its employees. Flexible working hours, sports/health offerings and other services enable a pleasant working atmosphere and the prospect of long-term employment at HSM.

Social and ecological commitment

We always strive to do our part for the future which is why we support a range of social and environmental projects. HSM therefore gets involved in a range of local, regional and global projects; associations, and support organisations.